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A Couple Issues

Given the age of the forum software used by Winamp/ShoutCast, and the fact that spammers are logged in everywhere, I would highly recommend Winamp/ShoutCast update their version of vBulletin to the latest, and install this mod to curb the spammers:

I don't use vBulletin myself, so I don't know how effective that actual mod itself is, however I use similar mods on PHPBB3 and SMF 2 which utilize that same database, and it by itself is extremely effective, and when coupled with other mods that use similar databases, works incredibly well.

If Winamp/ShoutCast wants to dominate the market, they seriously need to get back into action. Parts of the forum are dying from a lack of users to support one another, information is slowly getting outdated throughout the site and forum both, and spammers are putting off an incredibly bad public view of the company.

All I can say is, why not? Why not update and fight the spammers? Why not get things back on track so everyone, the company included, can benefit? I've always been a fan of Winamp itself, but I haven't always used it as my primary media player because getting help in the past has been a bit slow and difficult when I needed it. I would definitely consider making it my primary again if these issues were fixed so I had my confidence back in such a great product. I'm sure others would follow too!

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