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Originally Posted by SugarD-x View Post
I'm not complaining about that at all. If you look at the online users listing, it's filled with spammers. The forum's footer itself reports an old version. I'm simply trying to improve it, and it has nothing to do with my issue over in the Developer ID topic. I actually assumed that the webmaster was a different person than the product developers since this forum hosts multiple projects, hence "Winamp/ShoutCast".
Winamp and SHOUTcast are under the same umbrella (have been since they were created) and still are classified as one and the same. and support for back and front end services comes under the same grouping in combination with the supporting AOL resources.

i apologise in that i assumed after the other thread that this was a continuation on from that (just think what i'd have had thought if i had been drinking, heh).

You know, I was actually considering editing this topic after I posted it to recommend you as a Moderator or Administrator. Honestly you're the only one that I have seen on certain parts of the forum that has actively helped people for years. You definitely deserve recognition for that, don't get me wrong.
*cough* (and have been since early 2004 from what i remember). and if only i was on the dev team as well...

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