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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
Winamp and SHOUTcast are under the same umbrella (have been since they were created) and still are classified as one and the same. and support for back and front end services comes under the same grouping in combination with the supporting AOL resources.

i apologise in that i assumed after the other thread that this was a continuation on from that (just think what i'd have had thought if i had been drinking, heh).

*cough* (and have been since early 2004 from what i remember). and if only i was on the dev team as well...

1. No worries man. Being a webmaster/admin on multiple sites over the years, I understand the frustration. Usually the anger is justified because most posters are moaning idiots.
2. Odd that your title isn't showing, nor are you listed on the Moderator section in some other boards that you definitely deserve it in.

/me votes Daz for Administrator!

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