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Hey Guys,

There was a small mix up with my build.
I was partially still using v1.1.0, i just downloaded the latest github link.
Its version is set @ v1.2.0 this is compiled using that, might fix some issues.!6QVkTBwa!PQztAy...oQKPdRj_1-FIeg

Don't wanna make another post in same thread.. already getting to high..
But i got progress with adding two pass!
I got it working nicely, but the implantation is kinda ugly need to properly merge it in.
But! the way to encode it to two pass, you need to select the two pass of course,
And then encode it like normal it will init first pass, then when done reset its status and encode it again it will initiate second pass

Seems its a failure, two-pass only works once in a bit but mostly errors or crashes,
I am not quite sure why it isn't picking it up properly but its late tomorrow another day.

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