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If you mean Continuum, is not the same. That allows you to run your phone apps into a big screen, but you're limited to what your phone supports; if it's a 7" screen tablet / phone (or anything less), it won't support desktop apps, it will only support Universal apps (which is not clarified enough by MS if you ask me).

Instead, this new "feature" will allow you to install on your phone any desktop app, 32 bits desktop apps (originally called "programs" ), from Ninite to Adobe Lightroom. Just like that, directly on your phone, independently if it's a 5, 6, 7 or 13" screen device.
Of course, this new feature is framed on a business deal with Qualcomm, so it will have to be supported by their new processors (so they can sell their newer models..), but the world of possibilities it opens is incredible..
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