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Oh yeah, but the way it works is like wow64 for windows x86-64, where it runs x86 (32-bit) programs in a form of emulation to work on 64-bit systems (the emulation is why IA-64, er itanium 64, or windows xp 64-bit edition couldn't run 32 bit programs.)

Supposedly what it does is it "emulates" win32 coded programs to run under UWP. Now I am not saying that on a fone it couldn't run winamp via that way, but I wouldn't be surprised if microsoft restrict that because of how the app would look. Hence why they showed photoshop working on an ARM processor, but they shower that in continuum, or desktop mode, I can't picture how it would be on your fone screen.

It's all beta now but I like where they are heading and who knows maybe you can eventually have your winamp player on your fone, but only time will tell.

And I am sure someone (looking at you Victhor ) will create a skin that will be flexible for both.

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