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Forcing library rating field to sync with id3v2 field

I am currently using Winamp 5.61 and other then my slight problem everything seems to be in working order. I am using “writeratings=1” in “gen_ml.ini” to write my ratings in the Winamp database and directly into the id3 tag of my music files, again no real problem with this.

I have a rather large backlog of files that only have a rating in the Winamp database and a blank rating in their id3 tag rating field and short of re-rating all of these files by hand to force Winamp to also write the rating to the file itself i don't really know how to fix this.

Playing a song with a rating in Winamp and no rating in id3 doesn’t make it sync and neither does rescanning my watch folders, removing and adding the songs from my Winamp library or forcing Winamp to read the current metadata obviously does nothing more then also removing the rating in the Winamp library.

Also to be clear, songs rated after the inclusion "writeratings=1" in “gen_ml.ini” dutifully write a rating to the database and its respective tag, and files that are rated outside of Winamp do get their ratings put into Winamp after rescanning my watch folders

I am at a loss and i do not look forward to manually rerating hundreds of files, maybe somebody here knows a better way?
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