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Originally Posted by MRakestraw View Post
I am using the Winamp Modern skin, when I start Winamp I get different sections (windows) spread out all over the screen. I re-group them and exit winamp but when I start winamp again it happens again. After 1 setup t worked fine for a few days, but after it happend once it happened 100% of all starts. And occasionally a window moves to a new part of the screen, then after a few starts a different window will un-link and move somewhere else.
I have 5 parts of this skin displayed, Player, Album Art, Playlist editor, media library, the player window always ends up in the upper left corner of my monitor.

Originally Posted by MRakestraw View Post
I have a directory the has 2800 ripped CDs, I have tried many different ways to get them into the winamp library (as one directory), when I check the computer at a later time (30 min to hours) winamp is no longer running.
I have set winamp to collect data and send it to the developers on crash which its done in the past but this failure does not send a crash report.
Not sure if the file count is too much or if I have one or more corrupt files or ...

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