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That video is just plain weird when I play it alongside my own scanning. Your memory deltas are huge. I glance over at my laptop, and the memory is only rising by a small trickle. On your video, that memory is jumping up at a rapid rate. 3-6MB being added at every refresh. I am barely adding 4KB per refresh!!

What pluggins have you got installed? Have you changed any settings from default that are requesting the extra data? Remember - my laptop is a virgin install of Winamp. No pluggins added other than what is in the installer. Only change of preferences was to remove the "check for new version at start up" and then setting the tickboxes on the Watch Folders dialog to match your video screen.

Is your U: drive over the network? Or an external hard drive via USB?

My scan still has a long way to go. i3 laptop working via wireless to a network folder. 15mins so far and still only a small dent into my collection. In that time I have not even added 10MB to the memory allocated by Winamp. (Started at 46,000KB. Currently 53,000KB)

(Will come back later with final results for you)
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