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Hi MrSinatra,

damenace also has flac, ogg, and m4a files. What is a good way to check them for

Originally Posted by damenace View Post
in album art hires is 500x500 and above and of course minimum compression. so lores would be the 60kb and hires the 600kb versions.
and properly tagged just means that all the fields carry information. some people have libraries where even the main fields like artist or title are missing. i do not and winamp of course reads all the info. but that's just a lot of info, not a lot of MB/kB
Hi damenace,

Compression! Of course, forgot about compression. That's what causes the different
file sizes, independent of resolution. Thanx for your definition of hi-res.

Again, just to keep us talking about the same thing. You really fill out all the ID3V2.3 tag
fields? Or all the fields MP3Tag can display, or those fields it displays by default? The link
below is to a wikipedia article on the ID3 specs.
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