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Hi DJ-Garybaldy,

Thanks for your reply.

I am pretty sure that it is not anything to do with the DSP / Encoding.
nor my ISP.

As everything works fine if I restore my 'disk image' of Window 10 ver. 1709,
which I was running before the Window 10 update ver. 1803.

I have tested again today, by restoring Win10 ver. 1709 and then listening
to my streams for a couple of hours and there was no buffering. But as soon as
I do a Windows update, which installs the April 1803 update.. bang my streams
start buffering again after 5mins or so.

So it is definitely something within this update that causes the streams to buffer.

I will however try some other Encoders, as you suggest, just to see if it miraculously
helps, but I am pretty certain that I will have the same problem.

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