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minor problem

hi guys,
ive got a minor problem streaming. im just a dj. the server isnt mine.
when i streaming all the info is supposed to be on the page (artist, song title, artist website, etc)

i cannot get the artist website to show correctly. it continually shows the website of the last artist that the autodj had playing, until i log out and the autodj takes over.
while setting up the plugin, i did click the "auto" beside the "update song titles and URL's" so thats all set, its just not showing at server level.

we have multiple djs, i have talked to many of them about this issue. majority of them are running SAM, they dont have this issue. the others are running winamp w/shoutcast, all of them have this issue.

is there somthing that were all missing? anyone got a clue??
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