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I can confirm that Zithromax's workaround/fix works. Thanks.

The only quirk being....

It's also adding the enqueued item to the JTFE Play Queue

Or if the song is already in the playlist (e.g. if a large playlist is loaded)
and you "Enqueue in Winamp" the same song from Explorer,
then the original playlist entry for that song also gets added to the JTFE Play Queue.

Maybe this isn't such a bad thing though, but it is a change of behaviour.
Before, it just added the enqueued item(s) to the end of the current playlist only.
It didn't also add them to the JTFE Play Queue
(which it shouldn't if the main EnqPlay option is unchecked in JTF options).

What it means is that the first enqueued item will play next, even if there's still a number of existing songs in the playlist before it.

Hopefully it can be fixed so we can get the expected behaviour back...
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