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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Like ryerman, I can not reproduce a crash with this file (trying everything that's been mentioned). As was the case with MP3Val, MP3 Diags also does not report any errors in this file. I'm also using the same version of msvcr90.dll that Juanus reported.

Most strange, other than Juanus, 2 people can get Winamp to crash with this file and 2 can not.
It is definitely a random type kind of crash. For me, with some files it happens, and with some it doesn't. (I just picked out one that I could narrow down) And when trying to recreate it, I started to get Pavlovian with it. I wasn't sure if it crashed updating certain fields or maybe the amount of files trying to be updated. I am just glad that other people were able to recreate it.
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