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Originally Posted by Juanus View Post
I get a crash on this file (and other files from this publisher) when I used the "Edit Metadata for Selection" feature in the Playlist.
I just added this file to the playlist > right click > Edit Metadata for Selection > Press the Update button and crash.
reproduced, is something to do with the genre handling it seems (from a quick look at a crash dump).
checked a bit more and is due to there not being any genre and some quirks with just doing 'update' when there hasn't been any edits actually made.

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
I'm also finding that when you use 'Edit metadata for selection...' in the Playlist Editor for tracks that aren't already in the Media Library, it adds the tracks to the Media Library when you click 'Update'. Not sure if that's intended or not.
Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
I see the same behaviour. I hope that is not intended.
Files in the Playlist Editor can be added to the Library using the Send To menu and my opinion is that files should not be added merely because their metadata is edited.
with the coding of things, it is intended as that's what happened with taking the library implementation and quickly porting it for the pledit. i had meant to add in the means to choose between the behaviour (which would have been an ini option due to the time of when the feature was added) that happened (which will add or update in the library) or allow for it only to update if already in the library along with both actions always trying to update the local file tag (if the option is enabled).

if the library isn't present then it'll work as is being talked about, but when the library is present, it's going to add as it also helps to match the rating behaviour which goes in the library. so not as nice as people would like but with the timings of things and with ensuring consistency with other behaviour, adding to the library is a necessity and fully expected.
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