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Well, the skin has a double use, it is meant for touchscreen but in the way it serves its purpouse for those wanting bigger buttons / texts.
The issue is not entirely Winamp's fault. When I recently bought an HP laptop, I discovered the origin of the issue: Newer displays aren't necessarily bigger, but manufacturers are using bigger resolutions, which ends up making the pixels smaller. We end up with a 17" screen -which was meant to work with 1024x768 (or so)- having twice that resolution or more.
Even Windows fonts and buttons get incredibly small and users need to recur to alternate solutions (I even had to use a 3rd party app to avoid blurriness when using native 125% size increase).

Winamp could implement some sort of proportional design (avoiding that-ultra-ugly 100%+ scaling which is not really a solution for me..), but the amount of work needed leaves us veeeery far from that point...

SO, there might be a possible - temporary solution with a skin with HUGE (or scalable) text and buttons... I'm thinking about it..
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