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same problem

I'm getting the same problem. It seems to be a problem with the size of the library. I get a crash after some time of scanning my files, but I can't confirm the 6000 files limit, I don't know how many files it reads before crashing.

But I tried the following:
- Having the Media Library options screen open, I clicked "Rescan now" so I saw which file was processed at the time of the crash.
- I removed that file, tried again (restart Winamp, "rescan now", wait some minutes) another file "caused" the crash.
- Tried that several times.

- I activated the option to add all played files to the library (always after restarting Winamp). I played the files that caused the crash before, without problems!

- Windows MediPlayer plays them as well.

--> I think it's an issue with the size of some (temporary?) list during scanning of files, rather than a problem with the files themselves.

Sorry, don't know much more about it. Tell me if I should downgrade to the beta-version to maybe get you some more helpful logfile!?

Hardware: Dell Dimension DIM 2400, P4 3GHz, 512MB RAM
Software: WinXP Prof.

Hope you find the bug, you're doing tremendous work!
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