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There is no out and out guide for mac users. Now that you bring it up, maybe I should write one. Seems like we are getting more and more mac folks in here.

Anyway, more on point to your specific problem, on a mac you need to use sc_trans to send audio to dnas. I personally would recommend using the current sc_trnas beta (it's stickied in the SHOUTcast Discussions forum).

Aside from that, have at it, let us know where you get stuck. Don't worry about the mac issue in a world of PCs, I've been using linux to broadcast for years and linux works like a mac does now. I am also a mac user to boot. So .... I should be able to give you all the help you need (I hope).

If I don't respond back to this thread after you post something, drop me a PM and call me everything from a jerk to an idiot for not replying to your thread after I said I would help. I'll get back to you that way (in all honesty. sometimes I just miss things and need to be reminded).
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