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ghiooo: i still cannot follow your first post so would appreciate some clarification. as for the crash, is there anything in the logs at the time it happens or anything reported in the console to show what the error is or is it just a segfault error?

zetaf: have you got the SC2 patch for Winamp installed (link is in the first post).

i've seen a few people say there's issues with higher bitrate connections but i've not been able to reproduce it and that is the issue with any of the reports, not being able to reproduce the issues makes it tricky to fix.

so what versions of the DSP are they all using?

as for the random connection issue, i still cannot reproduce it though it seems that linux x64 is the only common thing between what is being seen though as you're using the non-test version, it's possible the test version i've sent to MADxHAWK might resolve it. the only thing i can now think off which could be causing it might be the moving of when the ban and reserved ip's are checked (as had to be done to allow for per-stream handling).

i guess i've got more work to do which puts back any fixes for the transcoder again *shrugs*

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