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Hi, found another small bug?

I mentioned that the xmlpage sometimes throws an error like "Not well formed data" (translatet to english). This error appears when shoutcast received a metatag containig specialchars like the german ä, ö, ü, ß or frensch é or è for example.
This error might appear only on Metatags that doesnt support UTF-8 encoding (early ID3v2 for example)

Maybe thers a way to fix it, cause most statscripts to document the listenercount call their data from this xml file. The problem is caused by the songhistory in the xml, cause the xml throws that error, as long as the song is listed in the songhistory adn you dont get any data for your stats-script. Even firefox shows that error if you call the xml page.

Maybe you could add a search and replace function that replaces non utf-8 characters with utf-8 like str_replace on php?

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