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Wow, thats so bad I stopped listening to every song as soon as the vocals started . The first song that came up (Falling Masses Newer Release), I was thinking, "Ahh, those people are just complaining, this isn't that bad", than it changed to a faster beat/tempo, and I thought, "That was retarded". Than, the vocals started, and I thought "Wow, they weren't kidding, this is really bad. It doesn't even sound like he's speaking english!" Than, I realized he wasn't, and I just thought "meh, it still sucks."

And it was pretty much like that for all the rest of the songs too, except for "TV Temperature", which I immidiately thought "Wow, this sucks major balls..."

Our school has a "band" that thinks they're going to make it big. Really, I guess it could happen, but they're just to cocky about it. The drummer is 13, the guitarist is 14, and the bass player is 17 . They tried to make a recording to enter in a contest, but, surprise surpries, they weren't ready on the day they had booked the recording equipment, so they didn't get to.
Which, really wasn't much of a surprise to me, because out of their 7-8 songs that they have, they know 0 of them well enough to record.
But, don't get me wrong, they aren't actually all that bad. The guitarist isn't very talented, and can't play anything more complecated than power chords, and they don't even have a singer, but whatever. I'm done.

[End Rant]
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