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Originally posted by Rich Swingle
OK Bilbo, didn't realise censorship is encouraged here. I suppose I should have realised that corporate cocksucking comes before free speech. Ryan Williams will change that one day, of that you can be sure.
censorship is not encouraged here - but spam is 'DIS-COURAGED'

As to your band... Who? Never heard of 'em (Probably wouldn't want to) but then you probably haven't heard of Clive Barnes who is just about one of the best traditional Irish folk artists.

On top of that your on a predominately us based forum going on about a band from the back end arse of North (Or is it Mid?) Wales that you get to going through Shrewsbury - summit like that...

Jeez I knew us lot in Ireland were supposed to be considered thick but fuck it - that takes the piss...

*Strolls of to Listen to Axle Rose again*

nb. Mind if looked summit like Charlotte Chur.......

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