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Originally posted by Phat
"However i think we should wait for a while before we all start writing presets for it (until it's "officially" available for download)"

If by that you mean bundled with winamp, that would most likey take years.

Me and Eo.s just haven't had a chance to touch it yet.
It won't but we will need a stale version whatever is released.

Maybe plan for the end of the year.

To me the most important things that I want ot do on it are:

* Bug fixes remove all the bugs that people go on about.

* Have an option for enable/disable texel alignment so the presets all work correctly and authors don't have to like Zylot does add dx =dx + 0.0005, etc.

* convert it all to use DX9 standards.

None of those things are glory work for new features.

Next 3d shapes,etc

If you do fancy doing a feature for the author I would love to see improvements to the monitor function so that they will work in per_pixel for a given location.

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