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wow, thanks for the responces guys!!

@SM - i think that could be done, prolly less processing power to draw two rectangles than to or three digits of text... dunno, like i said dont know much about rendering yet.

@shifter - i was hopeing to hear from you, as you seem to have really pushed the limits of what MD 1.04b can do.. as for changing the pos. of shape texture - i'm already working on that not really coming along to well though.. the texture wraps around the center when i try to change it, prolly just need to reasses the situation and try again.. as for wrap, i am looking for a way to do it, still totaly unsure at this point. and the custom post processing is mostly what i was looking at MSDN for

@yin - i've had that problem too, i think its caused by the ASPECT ratio being a constant .75(i think) mabye if it used a var. equal to the acutaly aspect it would work better.... oh and ya, i do plan on doing more to it, as of now i am only really qualified to do the backend logic stuff, but with MSDNs help mabye i can figure it all out

@rovastar - the only bug i can rember hearing about is the multimon - vj "bug" witch i guess should be easy to fix(set the cords for vj window on the oppisite monitor as the main screen). and i dont really understand what you mean by tixel alignment, can you explain it in more detail?
and when i was looking at MSDN i saw a section on updating to DX9, i dont think it was allinclusive, just what you might need to get it to work in DX9, i'll start reading up. as for per-pixel monitor, near as i can tell it can be done, but it will only export the last value, since the pixel code it caluclated before the render, or the application of the new monitor value. as for bulit in 3d- one of my higest prioritys found a line that said(after setting x and y for perpixel wave code) v[i].z=0; i said to my self... hummmm ... but it didnt work out right, think it froze winamp if it was anything outside of 0..1 but i guess we might be set-up for 2d drawing, and it ignors z, dunno, but its already there, we just need to figure out how to implment it.

when i am finaly done..if that ever happens, i will make an installer and stuff(i just learned how in class yesterday ) and thank you all for your comments/suggestions

milk out - till you drop out

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