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the start of your post is confusing with "dans plug-in" (ignoring the typo). was a download from the top of in the 'SHOUTcast DNAS 2.0' section?

if that is correct, do you have UAC enabled (as you're using Vista) ? if so what folder did you install the DNAS into? was it what the installer showed since that is the first likely issue since that usually won't have the write-access which is needed.

easy option for that is to take the whole folder and move it to the desktop or somewhere else on the machine which allows for moving / editing files without a UAC prompt.

you then need to make sure that the DNAS is then able to run (use the 'simple' config) once you've edited any passwords to what you want.

then make sure the DSP is using the same details and then it should connect.

once that is done, if you want it to be in the SHOUTcast Directory then you'll need to follow to get an authhash which will allow it to be publically listed. if it is only going to be a private thing then on the Output -> YP tab in the DSP, uncheck the 'make the stream public' option and ignore the authhash link.

that probably sounds more confusing than it actually is but not actually knowing what is / isn't setup / enabled on the machine you're trying to use, i've got to make suggestions which should remove chances of things not working.


additionally, you're saying it has sometimes worked and then stops working - that is not normal if everything is all done on the same machine and with the talk of uninstalling things, that then points more at the DSP having settings which are no longer valid compared to whatever DNAS install is then present afterwards.

and with that i'm now out for the night (seeing as it's gone midnight here).

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