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Originally Posted by masonmaverick View Post
Hey all.

I noticed many folks here struggling to sync winamp with an external SD memory card. I had the same problem. Winamp kept syncing to my Samsung S2's internal on board memory. Super frustrating...

The GOOD NEWS is that I found a really simple fix!!

Basically by default your phone will install any app to the internal memory. This is the problem. To fix this, simply make sure the winamp app is running from your sd card instead of your onboard memory.

For those of you who don't know how to do this:

1: Install android assistant(free):

2: Go to the "tools" tab

3: Click the "app to SD" button.

4:Select winamp

5: Restart your phone (i don't know if this is needed but it's what i did )

6: try again...

Happy wireless syncing!!
You don't need that app in order to move apps to the SD card. All that app is doing is providing a link to a setting that already exists in the Android settings. It can be found by Settings --> Applications --> Manage applications --> All --> name of app --> Move to SD card.

I've tried it the way I suggested, and using the method I outlined above. And neither were successful for me. Android 2.3.6, Samsung Galaxy W.
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