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Microsoft C++ Runtime Library

Hello !

I've had horrible problems with modern skins, already on Winamp 5.65 but MUCH WORSE since I downoaded Winamp 5.666; before, I couldn't have one of those fancy .wal skin such as WooHoo-FER or GRAYZ or Invicta one after the other even if I minimised each skin before passing on to the other. There was an horrible window, "Microsoft C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error. Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe R6025 pure virtual function call".
At other times, it was: "error parsing xml layer" and at other times it was "asynchronus entity at line 656"

My only solution was to turn off my computer and start from scratch.Then, it worked... for one or two skins, then the same windows appeared . I forgot to say that each of those windows completely block Winamp.

Now I downloaded Winamp 5.666, and since then I can't have ANY skin, not even the classic skins that worked perfectly with a nice viz... There's a window that asks me if I really want to use that skin, etc... I click "yes" (Winamp is in English) but nothing happens. I can click on all my classic skins which worked perfectly, none will now move !!

Can someone help me?? Those skins, particularly the "fancy" ones , have turned Winamp into a nightmare. And still the music in streaming works... without any skin !!

I use windows 7, Intel Core 7, ATI Radeon 5850 Graphics I GB, 8 GB memory. I have Malwarebytes anti- Malwares(which finds dozen of "pups" every time I start a seach!), an anti virus "suite", etc..
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