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once I read a novel from the author Orson Scott Card.
The title was "Song Bird"

It was a very sad story but one that inspires.
About a man that creates musics in a unique way.
But one day was containminated and wrote songs differently.
He was forbiden to write again.
But wrote he did because he was who he was.
They punished bim by taking away his sights, voice, and hands
but it never stoped him from making music.
Ultimately they just killed him.

Do not let others make you feel less than what you are.
If you believe in something strong enough, just do it.

Here is something for your soul

: Broken

Like so many things a mirror
Reflecting what we say and do
Like so many things a mirror
easily broken and never renew

A person is so much like a mirror
you do what you see others do
some say it was original
to me it is just people without a clue

But so like a mirror it seems
that people are broken too
shattering their lifes beliefs
when bitter truths are rocks
that hurls itself unto you

What is then a broken mirror to do?
Do you lie there in pieces?
Do you just fade away silently?
Or pick up the broken parts and go on
using what little is left
to reflect on others what you now see differently
because of a broken mirror's truth.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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