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Originally posted by N e m e s s i s
then i will explain. 1st (and proabably the worst reason) is that it has been forced down my throat from years of schooling. 2ndly i hear all this talk about his poems being deceptively simple and i think this is a load of crap, much of the metaphor and symbolism taken from a poem is put there by the reader. granted the writer does use these but the ways i have heard frost's poems explained it was just reaching for something, anything to give it meaning. finally as one poet to another, frost and I are at totaly other ends of the court. I prefer lost of metaphor and syombolism and drama and he goes for simple little stanzas.

i guess its just a preference.

dylan thomas . . . now there's a poet.
Those are all good points, but personally, I enjoy simple word structure. To each his own, I suppose.
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