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Originally posted by N e m e s s i s
then i will explain. 1st (and proabably the worst reason) is that it has been forced down my throat from years of schooling. 2ndly i hear all this talk about his poems being deceptively simple and i think this is a load of crap, much of the metaphor and symbolism taken from a poem is put there by the reader. granted the writer does use these but the ways i have heard frost's poems explained it was just reaching for something, anything to give it meaning. finally as one poet to another, frost and I are at totaly other ends of the court. I prefer lost of metaphor and syombolism and drama and he goes for simple little stanzas.

i guess its just a preference.

dylan thomas . . . now there's a poet.
People always over-analyze writings. Isaac Asimov once sat through a modern writing class. In this class, the professor was explaining the metaphors and meanings found in one of Asimov's books. After the class, Asimov introduced himself to the professor and said that he wasn't thinking any of those things when he wrote the book, nor was he trying to embed any of them as hidden meanings. The professor replied with something along the lines of "Maybe you don't know what you were thinking when you wrote the book."

Anyway . . .

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