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Alright, close that window that failed. Now use your original scons command line on the new window.

Because the command window doesn't pickup changes in the environment, it's advised to only have one command window open at any time, and close and open a new window after each change. On ubuntu it doesn't matter, I can have one command window open and I can add and remove path variables and programs, and the command window can still pick them up, and it remembers every command you type into it .

[edit] Just saw Ander's reply, that's a good point, I didn't have this much trouble compiling NSIS, I use VS2008 and I skip the help file and NSIS Menu. I've done this on windows 7 and windows 10.

I noticed VS version 12 in the scons output, do you have VS2013/VS2015 installed by any chance?

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