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My list for the PS/PS2:

Test Drive 6
Dave Mirra Frestyle BMX
Bloddy Roar
Test Drive
Twisted Metal: Black
Aggressive Inline

I plan on getting Bloddy Roar 3, NFS 2: Hot Pursuit, and Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 for my PS2 later on. I don't play any games on my PC, aside from THPS2 and Test Drive 5/6. I might get the new Wolfenstine game for the PC when I have the chance as well. Or maybe I'll save my money and put it towards a reservation of GTA: Vice City... ARG, I hate it when I do that...

A very close Japanese friend I knew a while ago once said to me "Watashi no koto wo oboeta, onegai shimasu...Yakusoku?"

I forgot his name though...
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