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I am not sure I misunderstand I think we have different viewpoints.
My point is that the apps want you to use them and can even expect to use them so much so that they possibly stop you using anything else without problems. I suppose any new features of apps can have problems and some people will always pine for older version with different functionality.

I have already know so apps do have some issue with MBIDs as with any new feature they could release. I do think most of them have been sorted out. I know XMBC has recently gone down the Musicbrainz route and they had/have some teething problems. These have been misunderstanding from the app implementation and user tagging wrongly. However I would say that most I have followed have been sorted out with later revisions.
Internet searches will often catalogue old problems and they will be more apparent than fixes. I am sure I browsing/searching the web for Winamp problems will show many issues however most will be fixed as they are so old and new releases have been made.

Of course you will have to make a decision like everything you use and changes in software that evolves. But I truly think there will be less issues than you think there are.

The most useful thing here is if we do have problems we will need to highlight these in the new development of Winamp so if you have potentially or real problematic edge cases that is great. First and foremost so that Winamp isn't an problem and it's implementation of tagging isn't so wrong it messes up other applications where possible.

Obviously it is sea change in how Winamp does things in future releases (as for many other changes that DrO is no doubt beavering away at) but we have little options as have been discussed.

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