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MP3 to MP3 CD

Well, MP3 CD Players are emerging into the seen these days. Even few CD/VCD players supports MP3. This is how you create a CD with 100 plus MP3s which can be plyed using MP3 compatible CD Player. Keep this tips handy.[list=A][*]Basic way is to burn all the MP3 files on CD's route directory. This is a universal, highly compatible method.[*]Some players reads MP3 files even inside sub-folders. Check with the manufacture.[*]Very few players reads and loads MP3s right from the M3U play lists. Check with the manufacturer.[*]CD-RW media is NOT 100% compatible with all players out there. CDR is much more reliable.[*]Change/modify tags and/or file names before attempting a burn as requrired. Once burned, no point of regrate.[*]Try to burn in a single session. Multi-sessioin is not 100% compatible.[*]80min CD are not yet standardized. Avoid them for the time being.[/list=A]

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