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Originally posted by PAK-9
We already have a community pack, its called community picks and Nullsoft didnt give a flying funk about it. As for another one, sure there is no harm, but I dont know what kind of support you'll get, after all not that many artists come to the forums.
I don't intend to re-do the ComPicks, thats was a selection of already created presets.

Neither is it my inention to include it in WA, but more just a pack we do together.
And since it's called community pack, those who don't frequent anymore don't need to be included if they don't feel a part of the community (not at all saying they're not a part of the AVS community of course) don't have to participate.

I'd like it to be a pack with new presets just from those who frequent here, long-timers and newbs. The idea is to have fun with eachother, no matter the quality of the presets so newbs can come in as well, if they have something that's worth sharing.

overall stated, a pack that says "This is us"

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