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Okay, here's the deal.
I'm running the following:
  • Windows NT SP6a
  • Microsoft Siteserver Commerce Edition SP4
  • MSSQL Server 7 SP Latest (I can't remember, k?)
  • Creative Labs AWE64 Gold ISA (With latest NT drivers)
  • IE 5.00.3105.0106 (IE 5)
  • Zone Labs Zone Alarm
  • PCAnywhere 9.2
  • AT&T Cambridge Labs VNC
  • PGP 6.0.2
  • Getright
  • Winamp 2.666 (And all sub-versions higher)

And when winamp comes across this file (either by playing or by indexing the directory) I get the following error messages:

Followed by

(Removing this plugin doesn't make any difference)

Could this be some kind of Winamp/NTFS problem?
Could there be a problem with the MP3 file itself?

This file WORKS in any copy of Winamp below version 2.666 (I roll back to 2.65 when a newer version still don't help). So it's something introduced by either the new MP3 decoder, or by ID3v2 support.

Help, guys!
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