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Originally posted by DJEgg
So, you've removed Album List (general purpose plugin), but you're still getting errors?
What does the error message state now exactly, or is it just a freeze?

Try removing all references to Album List from your winamp.ini & plugin.ini files.
Also, goto : "Prefs -> Plugins" & click "Flush Plug-in name cache" button.
Basically, I uninstalled Winamp and removed the firdvtory completely before re-installing. Hence, a "Bare" install.

And the error message says the same thing, but the title's "Winamp Playlist: winamp.exe" instead of "Winamp Album List: winamp.exe". Same error message, although the memory locations move around (Although the Instruction location is always the same as the Memory location on the first error, even if they're not 0x00000000, IYSWIM)
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