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I dont get how this differ from the previous method in gather data, on the matter of assuming socket functions. If they're not on you wont get the information from the server, It should still be able to play, just like the previous versions.
No, will not play for many reasons, like for example if your server is outputing icy audio/aacp streams but you take the mimetype from the server index.html file. So, if socket functions are disabled or users have the http server option disabled or in conflict with other server programs or for any other reason index.html is not richable this var will not be defined and your player will asume that is normal audio/mpeg stream or will not even try to work.

I know this for sure couse I tryed your script with no modification @ dreamhost server and it's not working.

In examples that you may studied $errno and $errstr vars were not defined couse they are called by reference with &$errno and &$errstr and since this is not supported anymore you droped "&" before the var, but this means that you will have to define this two vars wich are optional and you don't need them.

BTW, I will post on the other topic version 2.0 of mx_shotcast module that is allready using the new player

edit: I think we can ask this topic to be locked or?
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