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It's unimportant, really.

First, that DirectX 10 Port for XP is very buggy (also note, that it's labeled as an alpha), I doubt that it ever will work.

Second, it's no official Microsoft thing and MS never will release DX10 on XP, because they want, that people buy Vista/Windows 7.

Third, most people don't have a DirectX 10 graphic card, which supports Pixel Shader v4.0. Most graphic cards are still DirectX 9 only, or even just DirectX 8.

Also note, that many of the currently used cards just support DirectX 9.0 with Pixel Shader v2.0 and not DirectX 9.0c, with Pixel Shader v3.0.

As you can see, 3 valid reasons against a DirectX 10 based MilkDrop.

Don't expect another DirectX upgrade for MilkDrop in near future.

The current DirectX 9 upgrade was a major thing. DX9 can bring amazing effects.
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