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I am currently experiencing this, too

I am currently using Winamp version 5.572, complete install (i.e. never upgraded).

I did a scan of this thread and I tried deleting the main.idx file in my %appdata%\winamp\Plugins\ml folder, but the problem is happening again. I have found a workaround for it, though. You can click on any of the other tabs next to Media Library (I usually click the Video tab) and then click back on the Media Library tab. All of your music will appear. I'm not a programmer, but I have a hunch as to what might be causing the glitch. I have "Rescan folders at startup" enabled within the "Preferences > Media Library > Local Media > Watch Folders" settings page, and I've noticed many other people experiencing this problem do, too.

EDIT: I tried disabling the "Rescan folders at startup" option, but the Media Library still displays a gray mass (sometimes). Also, if anyone finds it easier, they can hit ALT+L to reload the Media Library tab instead of having to click on a different tab, then back to the Media Library.

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