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Originally Posted by Afrow UK View Post
Note: The Windows 2000 issue is not fixed (merely avoided). It is likely that this plug-in will not work on Windows 2000 (it may use API only available in XP and above).
I don't see any reason why you can't make this work on 2000 (And probably NT4), but you have some hardcoded constants that are wrong (I just looked at a small part of the source, there are probably more )

PHP Code:
  // Skip System Idle Process and System.
if (file.ProcessId == || file.ProcessId == 4)
System process pid is 8 on 2k and 2 on NT4 IIRC

When getting SystemHandleInformation on <=2003 (no more service packs there) you can check the object type directly without the need for threads (Must skip pipe's IIRC)

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