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Originally Posted by Amarynth View Post

I wanted to use this plugin to check if someone else in LAN is locking files. But it seems as if the plugin is not able to check this.

Am I doing something wrong or isn't it possible to check if a file in the network is locked my someone else?

i don't think this will work.

LockedList is process-based, i.e. it checks for "local" processes that hold a lock on critical files and thus prevent the installer form continuing. While it might be possible to detect whether a local file is locked by "remote" access (actually the file would then be locked by the "file sharing" service running on the local machine), it won't be possible to tell which process on the "remote" computer holds the lock. There normally is, for good reason, no way to enumerate/analyze the processes on a "remote" machine. You'd have to run some kind of "monitoring service" on the remote machine to make information about running processes available over the network. Needles to say that the communication with the monitoring service should be encrypted and password protected. WMI can probably do that though...

Without additional "monitoring" software running on the "remote" machine, the machine_id + user_id holding the lock on the file is probably all you can get. That's basically what "Shared Folders" -> "Session" shows in the "Computer Manager".

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