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Same here

Hi, since yesterday I have the same problem. I changed nothing, not even added a file to my libraray or whatever.

I use Win7 64bit and the pro version of winamp. I have not installed any plugins or whatever.
My winamp autoruns when windows starts up. What I noticed yesterday is that on startup of windows there came this errormessage saying something about an 'illegal character' or something. I didnt pay much attention to it since this didt sound too alarming/serious. I'm not 100% sure if this error message came from winamp. But my systems is pretty stable and I dont normally receive errormessages like these. And I experienced the problem from this thread right after the error message, so I guess there might be the problem.

Hope you guys can fix this bug because it really sucks (over 25,000 ratings lost here - took me years)
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