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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
We need to know how to reproduce it first, because no-one on the dev or beta team can. It's never happened to any of us.
If someone can provide a definite method of how to reproduce it, then we will hopefully be able to find the cause & fix it.
And that's assuming it's not being caused by some 3rd-party plugin, or even some old component from an older version of Winamp.

In the meantime, use the Winamp Backup Tool to create regular database backups.

And yes, %appdata%\winamp should resolve to eg: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Winamp
(and AppData is a hidden folder by default, so you'll need to make sure you can view hidden files via Folder Options CP first).
sorry that this is a very old thread but I thought of something the last person said. Maybe it is when it is updating files and it gets corrupt? I always have winamp running (not playing a song but always in the taskbar) and to turn off my computer i put it to sleep. I'm glad I found this thread cuz it happened to me 3 times so far. 2nd and 3rd time i found this thread, 1st time i had to uninstall and remove all the files.
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