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yes, i can reproduce something not being right but i cannot pin-point what or why the issue is happening. overall it means i've ended up spending 5hrs+ in the end with nothing to show for it (not happy as this had seemed like something simple otherwise i'd have not even attempted to look into it). so yes i can replicate some weirdness through i'm now not sure if i'm working with a dodgy compile as none of the genre saving is working for me now (so i'm going to have to find some time at a later date to re-build my compiles and try again).

and with that, i'm now going to try to do my actual job.

and where / how the files have been created doesn't seem to make any difference as mine were done through Winamp with artwork associated with them. the best i can tell is there's some sort of memory corruption going on but because _most_ of the things are working when actually checked, it's probably something dumb somewhere that i cannot see for the time being.

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