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Originally Posted by jseaman View Post
Great feature that I never knew about - even after using Winamp for over 15 years! But I would appreciate a bit more info on how to use it.

Do I need to go to every one of my tracks and get winamp to save the id3 info again? Or is there a quick way to make it save the ratings for some 10,000 tracks?
Originally Posted by wernerml View Post
Just Add all your (rated) songs to the Play List, then:

1. Select All (Ctrl + A)
2. Right click
3. Rate items -> No Rating (remove the ratings)
5. Right click
6. Rate items -> ***** (re-apply rating)
(now Wait.... it may take a while, depending on how many songs...)

(ratings are now saved/embedded within the .mp3 file)
make sure you turn on the feature in prefs first, b/c by default it is NOT on, (which imo is a mistake).

AFTER you turn it on in prefs, then "rerate" all your files by sorting the ratings column, (in the ML) and highlighting each star value using the shift key.

if that's confusing to you, what I mean is you highlight all the 5 star stuff by clicking the 5 star top file, holding shift, scrolling to the last 5 star file, clicking it, release shift, and rerate (via right click) the now highlighted 5 star files. do that for each star value.

you do not need to remove any ratings, you just reapply the current value already displayed and already in the DB/ML.

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