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Originally Posted by No One View Post
I'm asking because I generally use mp3tag to rate my music (access to more tags). WinAmp recognizes the mp3 ratings I assign with mp3tag, but can't seem to find the FLAC ratings...
Mp3tag manipulates the ratings created in various applications to create its own internal "psuedo-tags".
It is possible to create user defined mappings in Mp3tag for FLAC, MP3, WMA, M4A (maybe others, for all I know) that allow whatever rating is written in Mp3tag to be read by Winamp and vice versa.

Attached is the mapping I use.
As you can see, I've mapped Mp3tag's rating "psuedo-tags" to POPULARIMETER.
Now I can use %popularimeter% in Mp3tag and not worry about which file type is being read. Mp3tag now looks after the mapping.

Writing ratings in Mp3tag is a little trickier because Winamp expects different rating values depending on file type, as MrSinatra has explained.
If I use Mp3tag to write ratings for use in Winamp, I use the 1-5 scale for MP3 and WMA and the 20,40,60,80,100 scale for FLAC and M4A.
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