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Wow, you guys lost me about three laps back...

Ryerman/MrSinatra, you're correct about the 20,40,etc. If I click on a star on a FLAC file in WinAmp, it will store that multiple of twenty in the RATING tag for the FLAC file (strangely, however, I've seen multiple RATING tags for a FLAC file if I open the advanced tab under file information in WinAmp). But when I open that same file with mp3tag, the rating is not there.

So I add a 20,40,etc. to the RATING tag for the same file with mp3tag and reopen it in WinAmp. The rating I just assigned has been given to the RATING WINAMP tag which does not translate to a star rating. If I add the 20,40,etc. to the RATING WINAMP tag in mp3tag, it copies that value to the RATING tag in mp3tag, but still only shows up as a RATING WINAMP value in WinAmp.

I'm trying my best to be clear about this, but it ain't easy...

I'm beginning to think that the real problem here is in mp3tag and NOT in WinAmp. The two programs don't appear to be using the same tag for RATING (must be those "pseudo-tags that someone mentioned). I'm not familiar enough with the tagging process to know exactly how many actual tags are available and who gets to determine how they're used. And since, mp3tag does not provide direct access to Vorbis tags, I can only assume that you can't transfer a rating from mp3tag to WinAmp... unless you can automatically transfer the RATINGS WINAMP value to the RATINGS string within WinAmp. Can you?
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