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while mp3tag enables multiple frames/values (the // thing) i find it best to stick to one frame & one value, esp for something like ratings, and winamp NEVER recognizes more than one value for any given frame, (and only one frame at that). for id3, that means one POPM frame and one value for it, and for Vorbis it means one RATING frame (the de facto standard) and one value for it.

in general, most apps use a 0-5 star system for display, and so i always try to use standards and values that will work in ANY app (or device), not just winamp and mp3tag.


it is odd to me that mp3tag would write a vorbis comment: WINAMP RATING that winamp itself does not use. are you saying thats what happens? if so, odd! i consider that a bug.

i don't use mapping, or i try not to use it, beyond the 3 default maps it comes with. instead i enable multiple columns for all the ratings types i am aware of. this also keeps me from making a mistake of possibly entering an invalid value for the different format types. (needing to know the format type to use for data entry kinda invalidates the purpose of trying to make a single column for all ratings, doesn't it? or what am i missing?)

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