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Hi jorgear.
I assume that you enrolled in the DNAS+ monetization program since you're using CentovaCast.
Check that the authhash they provided through RMO is properly added in the server conf file. If you don't have access to the raw setup you may be able to do it via the server IP and port through 'Server login' by using the administrator password you provided in the setup.
If the authhash is present, then check that the listeners under the "Status & Listeners" tab show a green $ sign. If they do, one $ means that your authhash is properly set up but no ads have played for them, whereas 2 overlapped $ signs mean that ads have played. If you hover on those, you'll see how many ads have rolled for them.
Finally, don't rely entirely on live stats, since they're not exactly real-time, and also the IP addresses you may think are monetizing are likely to be wrongly assigned to a different country in Shoutcast/TargetSpot. To view everything in 'real time' always load up the server's DNAS "Status & Listeners" page.

Hope it helps,

I have no ties to Radionomy/TargetSpot in any way. My posts/replies are my own so any advice I can give, try at your own risk.
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